Donlans | Orlando Family Photographer

Another year, another family photo shoot with The Donlans! This year we opted for a quick little shoot at a local carnival. The sun was setting on us quickly, but I still managed to catch one of my favorite shots yet. A very lucky shot! I love this family and always look forward to getting them in front of my camera!
orlando-family-photographer 0001
orlando-family-photographer 0002
orlando-family-photographer 0003
orlando-family-photographer 0004
orlando-family-photographer 0005
orlando-family-photographer 0006
orlando-family-photographer 0007
orlando-family-photographer 0008
orlando-family-photographer 0009
orlando-family-photographer 0010
orlando-family-photographer 0011
Here is the once in a life time shot. I wasn’t even planning to take any photos because this ride, the Scrambler was moving quite fast and the sun had already set, making it hard to grab proper exposure. The ride kept going and going (just ask Kristen!), so I randomly snapped a picture, and it happened to be super sharp and in focus AND have amazing facial expressions. I couldn’t make this shot happen again if I tried. I just love how in the moment they are, and the fact that Kristen could smile after having her child slam into her over and over and over… :)
orlando-family-photographer 0012

Orlando, Florida family photo shoot at St. Joseph’s Fair in Waterford Lakes.


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