Fort Myers High School Senior Photographer

I absolutely love photographing high school seniors, and getting Miss Cassie in front of my lens was an extra treat! We chose downtown Fort Myers (my favorite!) as the backdrop of her senior session, and of course… OF COURSE, we had a super rainy evening. We ventured out anyway and managed to grab some fun shots. And we did end up having the most perfectly even and flattering light, so.. bonus! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a pretty sunset so we met up the next day at Four Freedoms Park in Cape Coral, where we were able to round out her senior photo shoot nicely. Cassie has such a delightful personality. She has her sights set on Florida State University, and get this… she wants to be an archaeologist! How cool is that?! I’m thinking we really missed out on some Indiana Jones-esque photos!
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0021
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0002
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0012
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0003
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0004
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0008
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0007
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0014
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0016
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0017
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0018
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0025
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0019
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0024
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0023

And what’s a grandma to do when she’s watching a busy toddler while mom is on a photo shoot AND it’s raining? Put baby in the trunk, of course! Kudos to my mom for being imaginative. And thanks to all the kind strangers who saw and didn’t call the police! :P
fort-myers-senior-photographer 0013

  • cindy - January 24, 2015 - 8:17 am

    love Cassies pictures shes such a sweet young lady!

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