Paisly – Cape Coral Family Photographer

I have been out of the blogging world for much too long. The long absense on my blog does not mean I haven’t been behind the camera! My husband was able to fix something on the backend that was keeping me from blogging the way I normally do, so I am finally able to get back to it without getting super frustrated!

Awhile back, I did a short but sweet session with Miss Paisley. She has been seen on the blog many times, and as always, it was a joy to photograph her!

cape-coral-family-photographer 0001
cape-coral-family-photographer 0002
cape-coral-family-photographer 0003
cape-coral-family-photographer 0004
cape-coral-family-photographer 0005
cape-coral-family-photographer 0006
cape-coral-family-photographer 0007
cape-coral-family-photographer 0008


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